I received my Accounting Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill where I earned the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa award.  It was a great time in my life, a great education and an overall fun experience.  What it means for you; is I led a rather boring life, ALL STUDYING and NO PARTYING!  I learned my craft well and am using it to benefit you in looking for every deduction and every loophole that is allowed by law.

I started working for what was then a Big 8 Accounting Firm, then moved on to a Mega Bank and then for an International Construction Firm.  I temporarily left the workforce to have two wonderful children who are now grown; Joshua who is an Aerospace Engineer and Janet who is a Doctor of Pharmacy.  While raising both children I was the Accountant and CFO of my husband’s small graphic/photo business.  There I learned much about the world of small business, dealing with employees, vendors and customers. I did this this for 19 ½ years until my husband had a massive stroke.

Life changed a lot for me then.  Firsthand experience of dealing with a disabled loved one and the mountain of paperwork required by the government and specifically the IRS was not a pleasant experience but at least it was educational.  I was literally thrown into running all aspects of a thriving business in the middle of its Christmas Season.  But I was ready, my years of experience was working for me, just like it can work for you.

I negotiated a successful sale of the business and it is still thriving today, after roughly 13 years.

I want to leave you with one of my fondest accomplishment; Gypsy & Charlie.  Gypsy is a full blooded Cocker Spaniel and Charlie is a rescue Forever Cocker.  My pride and joy!

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